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Memories of a Cuban Kitchen
By Joan Schwartz and Mary Urrutia Randelman

Authentic Cuban recipes offer a mixture of Spanish, Indian, African, Chinese, and Portuguese cuisine, from appetizers like Green Plantain Chips, to such entrees as Roast Pork Creole, to tropical rum-based drinks and desserts.

Traditional Pub Grub: Recipes or classic British food
By Ryland Peters

Sample the best of British with this one-stop guide to traditional British fare. Pies, roasts, casserole, and afternoon tea treats—all the old favorites are here. Take inspiration from Soups, Appetizers, and Snacks, and make a Leek and Potato Soup to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. Tuck into an authentic British Fish Supper from the Fish chapter and imagine yourself on a windy pier on the southern coast of England.

Tartinez Gourmand : De l'apéro au dessert
Par Eric Kayser

72 recettes des quatre saisons de tartines salées et sucrées, très faciles à réaliser, et pour toutes les occasions. Tartinez gourmand avec différents pains. Apprenez à les réaliser vous-même : le pain de campagne et le pain de seigle, mais aussi le pain aux céréales et le pain viennois n'auront plus de secret pour vous ! Tartinez sain au rythme des saisons.

Recipes from my Russian Grandmothers kitchen
By Elena Makhonko

This evocative and beautifully photographed cookbook is packed with authentic and much-loved dishes such as Chicken Kiev, Pelmini (little dumplings), the salmon-filled pie Koulibiac, Stroganoff and the Easter dessert Paskha.

The Curry Guy
By Dan Toombs

Dan Toombs (aka The Curry Guy) has perfected the art of replicating British Indian Restaurant (BIR) cooking after travelling around the UK, sampling dishes, learning the curry house kitchen secrets and refining those recipes at home.

Samarkand: Recipes & Stories from Central
By Caroline Eden and Eleanor Ford

Over hundreds of years, various ethnic groups have passed through this city, sharing and influencing each other s cuisine and leaving their culinary stamp. Samarkand is a love letter to Central Asia and the Caucasus, containing travel essays, beautiful photography and recipes that are little known in the West that have been expertly adapted for the home cook.

Moro : The Cookbook
By Niguel Slater

The Moro menu encompasses dishes that originated in Spain and dishes from the Muslim Mediterranean, two areas linked in history by the Moors' 700-year occupation of Spain. The book is much more than a simple catalogue of recipes—the chefs also communicate the romance and tradition inherent in each dish and their writing is informed by an intimate knowledge of long-established culinary and cultural traditions.

Moroccan Modern
By Hassan M’souli

The cuisine of Morocco is rated among the best in the world. In Moroccan Modern, Hassan M'Souli, executive chef and owner of Out of Africa restaurant on Sydney's northern beaches, shares over 100 of his favorite recipes.

Happy Hippie Cooking Ibiza
By Elke Clörs

A trip across the island reveals unique and exotic living spaces. Their owners are kind, cordial, and open people whom you can meet at Ibiza's popular hippie markets, at the historic city center of Dalt Vila, or in the South of the island near Es Vedra. Here you'll find more than 70 recipes that break with convention and deliver all kinds of Mediterranean delights - that celebrate love, peace, and the fullness of life with every bite. Elke Clörs helps you bring to life the island's culinary dreams in your own kitchen.

Super nature
Par Catherine Kluger

Parce que la cuisine ne doit pas nous compliquer la vie mais l'embellir, Catherine Kluger imagine des plats équilibrés et savoureux, munie simplement d'un bon couteau et d'une planche dans sa cuisine de 6 m2. Elle réalise des recettes originales où fruits et légumes de saison, céréales, légumineuses, herbes et épices s'expriment suivant trois mots d'ordre : simple, sain et gourmand.

60 desserts Vegan Healthy
Par Rabia Combert

Remplacer le lait dans les desserts, c’est facile avec les laits végétaux. Mais par quoi remplacer les œufs, le beurre, la crème ? Rabia vous donne tous ses secrets pour adapter vos recettes préférées. Hyper créative, elle vous emmène aussi à la découverte de nouvelles textures et saveurs. De quoi fondre de plaisir avec des desserts originaux.

Une Japonaise À Paris
Par Kaori Endo

Excellente cuisinière, Kaori Endo met un point d’honneur à concocter des plats raffinés avec des ingrédients simples. Sa connaissance de notre gastronomie et l’authenticité d’une cuisiné japonaise qu’elle tient de ses ancêtres nous rend accessibles des saveurs lointaines.

Superfoods: The Flexible Approach to Eating More Superfood
By Julie Montagu

90 delicious recipes showing you how to include superfoods, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and seeds and natural sweeteners into your everyday diet.


Nigella Lawson

Compendious, informative and engaging, Kitchen offers feel-good food for cooks and eaters that is comforting but always seductive, nostalgic but with a modern twist - whether express-way easy-exotic recipes for the weekday rush, leisurely slow-cook dishes for weekends and special occasions, or irresistible cakes and cookies in true "domestic goddess" style. It answers everyday cooking quandaries - what to give the kids for tea, how to rustle up a meal for friends or an impromptu kitchen party in moments, or what to do about those black bananas, wrinkled apples and bullet-hard plums - and since real cooking is so often about leftovers, here one recipe can morph into another...from ham hocks to pea soup and pasties, from braised chicken to Chinatown salad. This isn't just about being thrifty but about being creative and seeing how recipes evolve.

Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi

With culinary influences coming from its Muslim, Jewish, Arab, Christian and Armenian communities and with a Mediterranean climate, the range of ingredients and styles is stunning. From recipes for soups (spicy frikkeh soup with meatballs), meat and fish (chicken with caramelized onion and cardamom rice, sea bream with harissa and rose), vegetables and salads (spicy beetroot, leek and walnut salad), pulses and grains (saffron rice with barberries and pistachios), to cakes and desserts (clementine and almond syrup cake), there is something new for everyone to discover. Packed with beautiful recipes and with gorgeous photography throughout, Jerusalem showcases sumptuous Ottolenghi dishes in a dazzling setting.

Yotam Ottolenghi

This exclusive collection of vegetarian recipes is drawn from his column 'The New Vegetarian' for the Guardian's Weekend magazine, and features both brand-new recipes and dishes first devised for that column. Yotam's food inspiration comes from his strong Mediterranean background and his unapologetic love of ingredients. Not a vegetarian himself, his approach to vegetable dishes is wholly original and innovative, based on strong flavours and stunning, fresh combinations.
Plenty is a must-have for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Tout sur les burgers

Les burgers ne sont pas seulement le plat emblématique de la restauration rapide, ils peuvent aussi constituer un bon repas chez soi. Privilégiant légumes et produits frais, les burgers deviennent des plats à la fois riches, fins et diététiques. Simple steak haché ou burger d'agneau grillé avec sa sauce au yaourt et au concombre, burger de truite fumée accompagné d'une mayonnaise au raifort et d'une salade de carotte ou burger végétarien aux graines de soja japonaises, toute une palette de saveurs originales entre ainsi dans la cuisine.

Middle Eastern

So many foods from so many countries, but the key ingredients and spices of Middle East are now so readily available; it is easy to make your favorite foods. Not just the dips and tangy salads but try some long slow-roasting, or fast fresh fish, perfect every time.

Great British menu cookbook

This work helps you create sample dishes from the cream of the British crop with over 100 recipes from top UK chefs. Plus, find culinary delights from seven regions across the country and regional supplier lists, seasonal recommendations and chef's introductions.

A little taste of Spain

"A Little Taste of Spain" takes the reader on a culinary and cultural journey of Spain, presenting a tantalizing array of authentic recipes along the way. The recipes include a wide range of fare from traditional paellas and tapas to less recognized specialities.

A little taste of Japan

A Little Taste of Japan presents a showcase of the best of Japanese cuisine. The emphasis is less on the traditional, highly rigid, Japanese food and more on the delicious flavours and tastes of modern Japanese food. It shows you that Japanese food is quite simple to prepare and can be enjoyed by everyone.

The food of Morocco,
a journey for food lovers

"The Food of Morocco" gives you the real taste of a country that has one of the world's most diversified cuisines. Join our culinary journey from the souks of Marrakech to the home kitchens of Rabat, through to the tea houses of Casablanca, and the extravagant banquets of Fez, and discover the food that defines today's Moroccan cooking.

Big fat cookies

With this deliciously fun cookbook and a few simple ingredients, anyone can whip up a quick batch of one of 50 different gigantic crispy, chewy, or fancy-pants sandwich cookies.

75 easy-to-make muffin recipes

More than 75 mouth-watering recipes guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning muffin-lover's taste. Included are: Sweet muffins: blueberry, chocolate chip, papaya cashew, marzipan raspberry muffins,
Savory muffins: beer cheese, Irish soda bread, pepperoni pizza muffins,
Spread: lemon glaze, nutted-cheese spread, tahini peanut-butter spread. Plus many, many more.